• How do I get certified to install Bravo products?

    Contact your territory sales rep and schedule a training session.

  • What fuels are Bravo sumps compatable with?

    Bravo products including tank sumps, transition/vent sumps, under dispenser containment, as well as fittings are tested and listed under UL2447, which tests for gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel and biodiesel up to B100. List of fuel compatability and references below.

    UST Component Compatibility Library – Hosted by PEI

    Click Here to view Bravo at the UST Component Compatibility Library

    Alternative Fuel Statement of Compatibility Library – Hosted by CA SWRCB

    Click Here to find our affirmative statement letters.

    We certify that our products are compatible with and approved for use in secondary containment of DEF.

    We certify that our singlewall and doublewall fiberglass secondary containment systems have tank-like long term compatibility with fuel blends up to E100 and B100. We provide two separate letters below.

    Bravo fiberglass products are UL Listed to be compatible with all alcohol blends. UL Certifications / proof of listing can be found on each applicable product’s webpage in the documents area.

  • What types of modifications does Bravo allow for Conversion frames?
    • In order to accommodate conduits on the outside of the sump or near the water splash of the existing sump, the angled plates may be cut around the interfering condut.
    • Holes can be made in the top surface of the conversion frame to allow conduit to pass through.
    • All modifications done in California to the conversion frame opening must be sealed with retrofit plates (conv-retrofit) per instructions.
  • Do I need to fill out a site survey to order conversion frames?

    For Gilbarco Encore 300/500/700/900 Click here. For Wayne Ovation/ Ovation II (NOT HIGH SPEED) click here. Bravo’s patent pending Universal Conversion Frame (seen here) eliminates the need for costly site surveys.

    • At this time, other dispenser types will requre a survey.
  • What sealant does Bravo recommend to seal frames to fiberglass and plastic?

    Bravo recommends to use Bostik 1100FS

  • Does the Bravo Conversion Frame collect fuel from the vapor panels of dispensers?

    No. The Bravo Conversion Frame (DCF) was developed to contain and control falling fuel spilled from a filter replacement, or small incremental leaks within the hydraulic cabinet area of a dispenser only. This area that we targeted when we started this Secondary Containment industry does not include the often spacious “vapor panels” that are common today.

    It is true that in some cases the fuel line for the exterior hose has a threaded connection at the valance-level and runs partially or mostly within the vapor panel area but it is typically a solid, continuous line running to the connection point within the hydraulic cabinet area of the dispenser. This area or the connection(s) that happen there have never before been scrutinized or required to be secondarily contained. What is more, state waterboard staff have relayed their opinion that the Bravo DCF accomplishes its function of funneling any fuel leaks from the hydraulic cabinet into the UDC and meets the intent of the law.

    1. The likelihood of the fuel lines leaking from anywhere except a threaded connection is low and there should not be any such points between a primary connection within the hydraulic cabinet and the point that it transitions to the hose on the exterior.
    2. Any leaks that might occur from the threads of these lines are going to follow gravity down the path of least resistance – all while evaporating – and if any liquid actually does run down the line into the hydraulic cabinet area it is collected by our Dispenser Conversion Frame (DCF – CONV-B2000). Leaks are not likely to fall from the pipe line within the vapor panel area.
    3. By providing a capture mechanism in the vapor panel that directs potentially falling fuel into the UDC we would be bypassing the established and proven function of the water-splash lip by creating a point where water can be captured as well, increasing the risk of water accumulation and false alarms. We seek to first maintain our decades-old reputation of maintaining regulatory compliance in the pursuit of environmental and human safety. But this includes helping our customers avoid unnecessary and potentially costly false alarms.
    4. There should be no requirement for Retroactive modifications. Simply put, Bravo does not condone or seek to bring about additional mandatory costs to our customers unless the environment or human health is at risk. In this case we do not consider the vapor panel area of dispensers to pose any threat to either.

    FOR CALIFORNIA: State law prohibits anything that increases false alarms due to water intrusion and such alarms can result in full station shut-down which is directly associated with a loss of revenue.

    BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW: The Bravo Dispenser Conversion Frame was first launched in 1991, some 16 years before the State of CA made a UDSCCS (Under Dispenser Secondary Containment or Control System) mandatory for dissimilar dispenser upgrades/change outs. We hope you didn’t think that our product was simply built to comply with the 2007 mandate.

  • What are the integrity testing protocols for Bravo sumps?

    A:The procedures approved by S. Bravo Systems, Inc. for the SB-989 (SingleWall) and AB-2481 (DoubleWall) sump tests are detailed within each products instruction manual.

    Note: Always check with your local regulatory authority for additional guidelines for testing requirements that may be more stringent than those established by S. Bravo Systems, Inc.

    List of Bravo Kits and Accessories that can’t be sent via air freight:


    • EP100
    • EP100RF
      Lamination kits

    • K-401
    • K-402
      Paste kit

    • K-410
    • K-410.5
    • K-410.75
      Slurry kits

    • EP-S1.0 Gal
    • EP-S.75 Gal
    • EPC-S 1 Gal

    interstitial monitoring liquid

    IMF 1 Gal

  • How far can you cut a tank sump down?
    • Single wall tank sumps bodies can be cut down to 2” from the top.
    • Tank sump bases should not be adjusted and are designed for a specific minimum burial depth.
  • What should I do if my sump is still too tall?
    • If the sump is cut down as far as possible and still too tall, contact factory
  • What should I do if my sump is too short?
    • If the tank was buried too deep, or there is a water intrusion problem in the field, Bravo can build an extension piece to lengthen the sump or reducer as required.
    • If a dispenser sump is too shallow and needs to be raised, Bravo can fabricate sump top extensions to raise the shear point the appropriate height.
  • Can I buy a new Shallow Pan?

    No. Bravo has discontinued the B2000 product line.

  • Can I repair a B2000 sump?

    Penetration fittings may be repaired using B2000 Retrofit kit.

  • The sump is all rusted out. What can I do?

    Replace it

  • How much liquid must be in the manometer?
    • The larger diameter reservoir should be filled 2/3 to ¾ full.
    • Reference installation guide ?
  • Should I need to top off the manometer?
    • Jon’s answer cut down.
    What to do if double wall leaks.
    • Repair instructions… call Kieth for repair…
    • Verify if leak
    • Drain liquid
    • Pull vacuum on interstice
    • Finds air with bubbles in the wall
    • If leak inside sand and laminate
    • If leak outside, break ground and laminate

  • What kind of fluid is compatable for interstitial monitoring?
    • Bravo supplies its own propylene glycol based insterstitial monitoring fluid that will not freeze in cold conditions or boil in hot conditions.
    • Do not use brine, or attempt to top off IMF filled sump with brine, as it will void the warranty.

    What hose length do I need for manometer replacement.

    • UDCs require 3ft hose.
    • Tank sumps requirement will vary based on bury depth.
  • What kind of hydrostatic sensor do I need for DoubleWall monitoring?
    • Veeder Root…
  • Do Bravo DoubleWall Sumps include Interstitial Fluid?
    • All bravo double wall tank sumps come with the appropriate amount of interstitial fluid for the application.
  • What do I do if my DoubleWall Sump gauge reads below 12″ Hg (vacuum) or zero?
    • All Bravo sumps leave the factory under vacuum as a quality control measure. If the sump vacuum gague reads 12” or lower inHg, pull a vacuum and watch for a dip in the gague.
    • If the gauge continues to dip, there may be a leak, or a bad gauge.

    New Install Fittings

    • How to repair leaking fitting
    • How to repair leaking test port
    • How much epoxy do I need for XYZ fitting
    • How much sanding does the sump wall need before gluing to it?
    • Can I use a Flange fitting on a Double Wall sump?

    Retrofit Fittings

    • What kind of adhesive to I need for my flex pipe.
    • Can Bravo fittings be used with other manufacturers sumps?
    • Can I use XYZ adhesive with Bravo fittings?
    • Does bravo have a fitting for poly walls


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